Saturday, 8 June 2013

Lipsy Awards S/S 2013

Last week, I had the Lipsy London awards in DSTRKT hosted by Mark Wright.

Leaping off the plane at Birmingham airport; I sprinted towards Arrivals and into my friends arms. With no time to chat about my travels we raced to the platform and hopped onto the train to London!

Scrambling off the train and into a cab we've both managed to get ready on the train, Heather's bought shoes for me from Topshop hours before and I've managed to keep my Lipsy dress spotless! Pulling up at the venue we'd had no time to put on any make up and I'd thrown my hair up in a bun!

As we paid the fare, our door was yanked open by a man in a black shell suit and a camera was trust into the taxi.. I looked at him bewildered.. didn't realise we'd been expecting a storm.. Thunder and lightening.

We scrambled out the taxi and the pool of fans surrounding the venue begin to notice us. Trying to keep everyone happy Heather and I attempted to chat to everyone through our beaming smiles for the cameras - multitasking at its greatest, try it..

Here's a couple of failed attempts!

Here's a couple of slightly better attempts!

A hand firmly grabbed my arm and we were ushered into DSTRKT by security, making our way down the stairs we enjoy the moments silence before opening the double doors to the party..

Shaking of hands and clinks of drinks surround us. "Oh sorry" exclaims a bartender as he treads on someone's polished shoes, between the madness I inhale as I'm reminded of the London hustle and bustle that has been absent for the last week of my life. At that point we bump into a few good friends and the night begins. The awards are given out and interviews are conducted. We meet new friends and endure in an evening of shits and giggles before having to cut the party short as I had a magazine shoot in the morning and Heather (@heathershaww) was assisting the stylist!

Leaving the club we were swarmed by paps asking us every question under the sun, trying to get the gossip of the party. "Head down hand up" is what I've been taught but oh no, trying to be a joker, my head pops up and I throw my best shapes then begin to do some ballet in my heels for them!

Highly amused they gathered round trying to get the best shots, my friends hailed down a taxi and as we bid them goodbye, they were having any of it. A bang on each window of the taxi as camera lens was pressed up, and illuminated the interior or the car. The driver looked so confused bless him, as he tried to pull away without flattening the photographers!

As the driver looked into his mirror I caught his eye and apologised..

His reply "15 year olds do have it tough these days."

Instead of correcting him, that in actual fact I am an actress, not a schoolgirl, my name is Wallis, not Holly, and Hollyoaks is a show, not reality, I just replied..

"Tell me about it, and I've got homework to do when I get in."

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