Thursday, 13 June 2013

Homemade health pot 🍅

(perfect for travelling and detoxing!) 

This is just a super quick post, enjoooy!


Improves stamina, 
fights cancer, 
fights heart disease, 
high in vitamins,
high in antioxidants,

2 tomatoes, 
5 beetroot, 
6 mushrooms, 
Greek yogurt, 
handful of brazil nuts 
seasoned with basil 🌱 

Blend them all together and Tada!

WARNING: may make your mouth turn bright pink!

Be healthy, be happy, be whole. 

W x

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Healthy berry smoothie

Hellooooo, I love making juices and smoothies, they're delicious and give me loads of energy, but they're also super healthy! People keep asking me about them so I thought I'd blog about the next one I made. Which happened to be one of my favourites..

My Berry Smoothie!

This berry combo provides nutrients needed for healthy hair, skin, and nails. 

The berries offer a healthy dose of B and C vitamins. The Greek
yogurt contains necessary calcium and probiotic bacteria to support a well functioning digestive system.


8 strawberries
A handful of blueberries 
6 ice cubes
A generous dose of Greek Yogurt
A lash of milk

So here's what to do!

1. Wash all the fruit and cut off the yucky bits! Throw the ingredients into a blender or food processor. 

2. Mix them all together and roughly judge whether you need anymore yoghurt/milk to make the texture thick :)

3. Pour into a glass & enjoy! Good luck!

Nutrition Information

Calories: 210
Total Carbohydrate: 29.6 g
Sugars: 24.8 g
Protein: 7.9 g
Total Fat: 1.8 g
Saturated Fat: 0.6 g
Cholesterol: 6.4 mg
Sodium: 31.1 mg
Potassium: 127.9 mg
Dietary Fibre: 4
.2 g

W x


When the going gets tough.. I just escape for a few days! Ok so this doesn't always happen but I just thought I'd treat myself to a bit of sun after the company of this diabolical English weather. So I swept myself off to Rhodes for a week, to clear my head and have some time to myself! 

Anyway, 18 hours after booking my break I'd packed my suitcase, boarded the plane, and was gradually sailing away from the damp, groggy atmosphere into a toasty, humid one - the best feeling ever! 

Every morning I glided through the sun-heated sea then sizzled under the sun before enjoying lunch on the rocks. I tried to do something adventurous in the afternoons, starting with a tour around Rhodes on the Saturday. A trip through the Greek ruins on Sunday, a boat trip on Monday, exploring the amphitheatre on Tuesday and hunting through the Markets on Wednesday. 

Lindos beach
Best run ever


Ruins :)

Frozen yogurt
Greek Ruins

I hardly had any reminders of reality for a few days. OH MY GOSH it felt like I had entered  paradise haha! Although I missed humanity it was nice to just escape, bury my head in a good book and hide under some sunglasses!  

View from the sky



Ice cream!

Last morning

Mr. Donkey
Salmon.. mmmm

Couldn't decide what was better, the chocolate cheesecake or my view!

The morning of leaving!

The experience was unforgettable and I will treasure my time there forever.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Lipsy Awards S/S 2013

Last week, I had the Lipsy London awards in DSTRKT hosted by Mark Wright.

Leaping off the plane at Birmingham airport; I sprinted towards Arrivals and into my friends arms. With no time to chat about my travels we raced to the platform and hopped onto the train to London!

Scrambling off the train and into a cab we've both managed to get ready on the train, Heather's bought shoes for me from Topshop hours before and I've managed to keep my Lipsy dress spotless! Pulling up at the venue we'd had no time to put on any make up and I'd thrown my hair up in a bun!

As we paid the fare, our door was yanked open by a man in a black shell suit and a camera was trust into the taxi.. I looked at him bewildered.. didn't realise we'd been expecting a storm.. Thunder and lightening.

We scrambled out the taxi and the pool of fans surrounding the venue begin to notice us. Trying to keep everyone happy Heather and I attempted to chat to everyone through our beaming smiles for the cameras - multitasking at its greatest, try it..

Here's a couple of failed attempts!

Here's a couple of slightly better attempts!

A hand firmly grabbed my arm and we were ushered into DSTRKT by security, making our way down the stairs we enjoy the moments silence before opening the double doors to the party..

Shaking of hands and clinks of drinks surround us. "Oh sorry" exclaims a bartender as he treads on someone's polished shoes, between the madness I inhale as I'm reminded of the London hustle and bustle that has been absent for the last week of my life. At that point we bump into a few good friends and the night begins. The awards are given out and interviews are conducted. We meet new friends and endure in an evening of shits and giggles before having to cut the party short as I had a magazine shoot in the morning and Heather (@heathershaww) was assisting the stylist!

Leaving the club we were swarmed by paps asking us every question under the sun, trying to get the gossip of the party. "Head down hand up" is what I've been taught but oh no, trying to be a joker, my head pops up and I throw my best shapes then begin to do some ballet in my heels for them!

Highly amused they gathered round trying to get the best shots, my friends hailed down a taxi and as we bid them goodbye, they were having any of it. A bang on each window of the taxi as camera lens was pressed up, and illuminated the interior or the car. The driver looked so confused bless him, as he tried to pull away without flattening the photographers!

As the driver looked into his mirror I caught his eye and apologised..

His reply "15 year olds do have it tough these days."

Instead of correcting him, that in actual fact I am an actress, not a schoolgirl, my name is Wallis, not Holly, and Hollyoaks is a show, not reality, I just replied..

"Tell me about it, and I've got homework to do when I get in."

BSA: British Soap Awards 2013

Where do I begin!

Soap awards were amazing, such a surreal experience & highlighted again to me how lucky I am..

I genuinely feel so honoured to have been invited to such a prestigious event alongside extraordinary talent and dedication. The preparation progress was looooong, and my day went a little like this! 

1. Spent my morning getting my hair fixed by my favourite hairdresser in the world; Edd Mayjor. (@EddMajor) Always the funniest 3 hours of my day in his company! 

2. Raced into town to pick up my LIPSY dress, and to make sure it fitted. Check! (@LipsyLondon)

3. Jumped on the train from Cheltenham to Manchester, which is where the awards were held, and headed straight for the Hilton where I was thrown into hair and make up! No hanging about. Thanks again to LISA BOOTH and the GHD team, you can follow them on twitter; @GHDLisa & @GHD 

Lisa & I 

4. Hurried to the awards, this process was harder and took longer than you'd probably expect! As we kept getting stopped on the way by various fans & photographers. It all added to the atmosphere though!

5. Red Carpet & interviews out of the way, and a couple of champagnes later it was time to be seated for the awards! Exciting!

We won 5 awards, second to Corrie. But everyone was delighted with our winnings, which were: 

Spectacular scene,
Best Actress,
Best onscreen partnership,
Best newcomer,
Sexiest Male,

Congratulations Hollyoaks!

Words will never describe this moment!
(Cast and director, Paul Rioden)

7. Time to party! The after party was so worth it! We had these lavish palm trees lit up and lights hanging from the ceiling, trays of canopies and unlimited drinks! There was an undeniable buzz circulating the room! I had the best time ever and meet some really cool people! 

Me and mummy x

8. Thankyou, BSA for a night I'll never forget, for the goodie bags and for your time. 
Thank you Lipsy for providing my gorgeous dress, got compliments all night :)
Thank you GHD & LISA BOOTH for making my hair look amazing and for the ghd straighteners.
Combined you all gave me the best night ever. 

Press: Daily Mail
Thank you Lipsy for the beautiful dress.

W x