Thursday, 23 May 2013

Exploring London

Last Month, me and my friend thought we'd wanderlust a little and take an adventure around our hometown - London for the weekend. 

Yes most people have seen the iconic things making LDN what it is, but what the harm in making the most out of free fun eh?

Harrods, we started off here and managed to work our way down to the alcohol section, I've never quite seen a bottle so ginormous! 

The Natural History Museum, okay, so we didn't do our homework and read up every animal, but we did have fun pretending to be them, and everyone else seemed to find it funny when we added the noises as well, strangely therapeutic until I got recognised doing my T-Rex impression. Peak times. 

Afternoon Big Ben! Woweeeee the tower is so much bigger and louder in real life than how you see it on the television. We stayed until the hour to hear it chime and I swear I felt the ground shake! 

Angle 2..

Risky: CLOSE UP, London Eye. With these two crazy cats just because we went to get All-you-can-eat chinese on the bank for £7 - super romantic. 

Barmy Army; so we bumped into the Military by parliament and they let us come into the back to see the horses how they work! They had to clean all the horse horse equipment for hours to make sure it was spotless and then they had it all inspected. Such a nice bunch of men. 

Sunny Days: Trafalgar Square had a basketball festival in it so we got I've creams and watched the matches. Felt like I was in the USA (never been).

Chocolated out! M&M world in Leicester square is open till about midnight so we ended up there, mesmerised by the different colours and types of m&m's you can get. There's literally hundreds. I'm now obsessed! Felt like I'd stepped into Charlie and the Chocolate factory, plus there are free samples everywhere so go go go! NB: came home about a stone heavier that night. Soooo worth it.