Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Valentines Day..

Love it or hate it.. It's pretty obvious why.

One either gets showered with gifts and treated like a complete princess, or you end up sat on your sofa with a tub of ice cream seeing how wonderful everyone else's day is going, wondering where you went wrong in life trying to find the man of your dreams and whether you should call your ex and give him another chance, which in fact may make it even worse if you come across as a desperate lunatic who still hasn't moved on from last April's one night stand and in fact he's actually busy with someone else he's been with for the past 9 months, currently stood under the Eiffel tower in Paris.

Lets try and avoid that..

How to deal with Valentines day this year

If you are taken..

If you do have a date this year, you'll be happy to know that I've come across two drop dead gorgeous looks that may inspire you for your outfit choice this Friday. 

Now clearly you can alter these depending on where you're going, for example, you may want to dress the look down a little if say, your date is at Nando's  compared to if you have had a table revered for you both in the Ritz hotel since the start of the year. Here is look number one..

Fun, flirty and young! This look gives off a casual yet classy vibe, the pastel colours are welcoming and easy on the eye which is good if the date is more low key and isn't too serious. Team natural blues with warm pinks to break the outfit up and then any neutral accessories will go down an absolute treat!

Since uploading this post the River Island Pencil skirt has gone out of stock, but here's something even better - a little treasure

Ready for look number two?

Sexy and sophisticated. This eye catching look may seem daring, but will look incredible if pulled off well. Just add a drop of confidence! Red and Black are always the most striking combination when it comes to impressing someone. 

So if you've got a hot date on the cards why not go for a Royal flush?

Unfortunately since this post the Rag&Bone Coat has sold out, but I want to introduce you  to my new favourite Burberry trench coat - you're welcome.

If you are single..

However, if for whatever reason, you don't have any plans and it feels like everyone around you does, don't feel diminished as you may be astonished to hear that a staggering 63% of people also don't have any plans on Valentines day! So lets take a look at the perks - yes that's right perks!! - of being single on the most Romantic day of the year..

1. You don't have to spend money! No trawling through the high-street in the rain, driving yourself crazy over what to buy your partner. Panicking over what size boxers he is, what size bra she is, is it rude to ask? Inappropriate? Will I give it away? Are we even getting presents or will I look clingy? Right colour? Material? Brand?
Nope. None of that. In fact, why don't you go and buy yourself a whole new outfit instead. If you were looking for permission, here it is. Isn't that the best present after all? 

2. You can do whatever YOU want. You don't have to record your favourite program, and avoid twitter the whole night in case of spoilers just to waste time on an awkward date with someone you hardly know to make yourself feel loved. In fact why don't you curl up on the sofa watching your favourite program with a tub of Ben and Jerry's while you order a dominos that you don't have to share with anyone else! Don't worry about the calories, it's not like you're going to have to look good naked any time soon..

3. You can actually INVEST YOUR TIME. Not to be a pessimist but most relationships at our age don't last. So invest your time in something that will. Catch up on uni work to get your dream job or keep Valentine's day hot and sweaty by going to the gym! While everyone else is over indulging in chocolate you'll be getting a 6 pack!

4. Reconnect with people who will always love you. Give your mum a call, she probably misses you. Stay in with the dog, pets are actually very therapeutic.. Or go out with your friends; you might even pull last minute! Remember you have no commitments! 

5. The morning after the night before. None of that awkwardness; "what happened last night" malarkey. You'll be bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to start the weekend! Plus, on the 15th all the sweets and chocolate will be half the price, best of both worlds right?

Happy Valentines day, love W x

Full credit goes to I own no right to any of these photographs.

Saturday, 8 February 2014


I'm developing a very questionable addiction and I need your opinion.. HOH. You see, I'm developing an addiction for House of Holland

I love their rings, hats, jackets, dresses, shoes, EVERYTHING!

Let me try and make you understand...

statement bearing, 
and soooo next year 

No, I didn't just google a load of adjectives or check a thesaurus for any of those words. They're from the heart. I mean it! I just want, need, love, must have everything HOH.

For those who do not know; the designer behind it all is Henry Holland, an English fashion designer, who launched the fashion label in 2008 after being inspired by the 80's fashion era.With worldwide designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Calvin Klein and Giorgio Armani making it big at that time, it would be hard to not be!

The 80's were full of luminous colours&crazy lycra who couldn't LOVE 'em!

Here are my three favourite looks from the PF14 (PreFall collection)..

Let me know your opinions on his latest collection and be sure to watch out for it at fashion week.

Enjoy fashion week!

W x

I do not own the rights to any of these photos!

Monday, 3 February 2014

Los Angeles, Cali

LA LA land..

So as you all know, I am currently in Los Angeles, the place that leads the world for television productions, video games, and recording music. Exciting! I actually have never been before; which makes me an LA virgin, in fact I'm an American virgin full stop! But loads of my friends live here and have been telling me to come for ages, so yes I gave into peer pressure! Why not! 

Well to call it a 'holiday' would be a complete misconception, I haven't stopped since the second I arrived! Check out all the photos on my Instagram - wallisday

Let me firstly, just make it clear how 'not-fun' a 16 hour flight alone is. Yet I think i've made up for it so far! Everything here seems to be a historical feature or part of a set, it's so surreal walking down the walk of fame! I've been to the rooftop swimming pool every morning - I think it's safe to say lengths haven't really seemed much of a hardship for the first time in my life! The rest of the day I travelled, explored, and lived! 

Meeting up with friends feels ten times better here than bumping into someone in the UK. It's like you're a team, all the Brits stick together, and when you hear the English accent it's sooo exciting! You just attach yourself to each other like a magnet, a force of attraction! Immediately you find you have so much in common and it's nice to be around people who don't confuse 'chips' with 'crisps', someone who know's what 'toilet' means, and understands "water"! Oh the simple things! 

Anyone who truly knows me, knows full well how obsessed with Whole foods I am.. Well in Cali, Whole Foods is just like their average supermarket. Soooo casual, I love it, fresh food every day, you just feel so rejuvenated and motivated ha! However, I might have had my first ever in-n-out!

On my first week.. I went to the Chinese theatre and explored the cracks and creeks! There was actually a film premier there in the evening so we all got evacuated pretty soon so I took myself off to the local museums. It's so interesting to see how Hollywood has changed and what it was like back in the 60's with the hustle and bustle, oh to experience those times..

We took a tour bus around Hollywood and Beverly hills, it was intriguing seeing where such influential people had lived, died, or currently still lived. I must say I felt pretty proud to be British as we drove past David Beckhams' house, I'm definitely gong to force my little brother to play football..

S H O P P I N G - yessss that happened! I need to learn to control myself, they're just all lit up and the clothes are super beautiful, hot handbags hanging, shiny shoes standing, designer dresses dangling, captivating clothes everywhere, it was HEAVEN! I'd rather not talk about the events that occurred afterwards! 

We hiked up the Runyon's and reached the Hollywood sign, Griffiths Observatory and the James Dean statue. It's mad though because people actually run the whole way, in the heat and the dry air, I was shocked at their endurance and determination, fp. Note - take suncream with you. My cheeks are still scarlet. Not a great look for going out.

At that point I'm going to mention Saddle Ranch, if you go to Hollywood you must eat, drink and be merry there! There's a bucking bull that you can ride and it gets VERY entertaining after a few (I'm currently not drinking and it was still fun!) So there you go! But beware, the portion sizes are HUUUUGEEEE, I could have fed the bull with my leftovers, genuinely..

Hollywood have got their nightlife down to a T though. We've been to Supper club, Soho house and House of Blues, mainly. All of which I would strongly recommend to any fellow LA virgin. 

Weeeeek Twoooo.. This consisted of socialising mostly! My friends took me to Beverly Hills hotel - yes where Marilyn had her own room! - to watch the game. This is the first time I've watched American football in my life. Not saying i'd like to be on the pitch but I did enjoy it! Possibly because you only really have to concentrate when the ball is near the 10 years line in case they touchdown! But no, now I am a fan.

I'd always thought I was a decent bowler, this was until last week. I went bowling with a group of friends, and I think it's safe to say I didn't come too close to winning.. "It's okay," I kept telling myself! "I'm good at other things!" I didn't really mind until one of the boys bought me a 'lucky wristband' for bowling that had the word "SPIRIT" across it. Right I think I handled losing pretty well, I don't need "spirit"!!! Hahaha oooops..

The rest of the week was non-stop though, we went to the Grammy after party then snuck off to the Billboard party. Both were awesome. The Grammy one was in the convention centre and the theme was 1920's - one of my favourite eras! Everything was Great Gatsby themed, I felt like I was on set! Fountains were dotted around the enormous venue, everyone was dressed up 20's style, the food was scrumptious, the acts were exciting and the performers were brilliant.

My friend and I went to Malibu beach. What can I say, it was sunny, relaxing... sandy? Just beautiful, we then walked to Santa Monica beach and messed about on the pier on the rides and gambled our dollars away. Cirque de soleil had pitched their tents beside the pier and we watched the gymnasts practise for the show; swinging, jumping, twisting, spinning, everything you thought was impossible for a human body to do, was made possible. Their talent was jaw dropping, I think we stood there mesmorised for at least 10 minutes.

Week threeeee.. SUPER BOWL WEEK. So super bowl was a new experience. First time I've ever enjoyed TV adverts lets put that out there! I was like watching short films they were all shot so well! Anyway snapping out of that.. The game wasn't even remotely intense (for me) Seattle Seahawks led from the first minute and went on to win the game. I didn't watch the game live, we watched it at my friends place, but I've never seen so much effort for a party over a football match, it was amazing! Everything was themed! Banners everywhere, food galore, people were on rollerblades, table tennis tables were swarmed with enthusiastic players - actually no, more for the people who weren't fixed on the TV the whole time! I think I was rather oblivious to how much everyone around me had drunk by the final touchdown! We ended up going out at 8pm and by 12am people were dropping like flies! Team spirit is what we all like to see eh!

Yesterday I went to Disneyland California! As if this place doesn't have everything anyway, we went to the 'happiest place on earth' and boy were we happy! As a pair of adrenaline junkies we felt right at home with Hollywood Tower of Horror and Space Mountain! Even the water rapids were great to help us cool down under the roasting sun. You'd go from dripping to dry as a bone in minutes, I could get so used to this weather! Plenty of hamburgers, sweets, ice creams, fizzy drinks and hot chocolates later we left the park in high spirits with a few pretty unfortunate looking photos of us on rides, ones I will post for a laugh haha. I LOVE DISNEYLAND!

So yes, Cali is great so far. However on a serious point.. Tea. 

Tea is what I miss the most, I love the American's I've met, but it's official! No one can make a cuppa like a Brit!

W x

Friday, 10 January 2014

Mosstly.. Storm

The modelling industry have gone wild today. There's a new face on the block.

So can anyone remember back in July 2011 when the legendary Kate Moss was locked down in love by Jamie Hince. There was a girl in the background of the wedding photos who, safe to say, stood out a mile. That's Kate's half-sister, Charlotte Moss.

Well yeah, she's grown up. Lottie turned 16 yesterday and is now officially signed to Storm Models, mother agency to her older sister. At just 5'5" she is short for a model but then again so is Kate at 5'8" doesn't seem like it damaged her career too much..

Blonde hair, blue eyes, fresh faced and armed with a very influential sister, I predict big things for Lottie, Good Luck gorgeous! 


Alexander Wang's Spring Campaign 2014

Love it or Hate it.. This is Alexander Wang's latest campaign for the billboards of New York next week. He's taken a different approach to 'installing' a billboard, personally I love it. 
It's so different to his previous work and such a unique style which has certainly caught the attention of the fashion industry. 

Anna Ewers is one of my favourite models which probably helps, I fell slightly in love with her work since she shot for Vogue last year, here's a snap just in case you missed it..

Wang on his collection - “Since the spring-summer 2014 collection plays on the duality of naïveté and perverse explicitness in youth culture, we wanted to shoot the campaign in a very familiar environment most people grow up reminiscing about, I loved blurring the lines between censorship and humour.” 

What's your opinion?