Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Nintendo 3DS Advert


So I travelled to Bucharest at the end of last year, to film a TV commercial for Nintendo! 
My time out there was truly unforgettable, I worked with an amazing director and top crew. The other models were really funny and looked after me as I was the youngest.

We hardly got any time to see the country as a whole but what I did get the chance to see was incredible. It's so different to my life in London, there were wild dogs just walking around roaming the streets, and they had wolf packs of them in run down buildings instead of kennels. They literally LIVED in these shells of houses, abandoned three story buildings I'm talking about!

Enough of me blabbing, can you tell I'm getting over excited?!

Here's the link for my Nintendo advert, I hope you like it. One of the best filming experiences I've ever had. Hope you enjoy!