Tuesday, 11 June 2013


When the going gets tough.. I just escape for a few days! Ok so this doesn't always happen but I just thought I'd treat myself to a bit of sun after the company of this diabolical English weather. So I swept myself off to Rhodes for a week, to clear my head and have some time to myself! 

Anyway, 18 hours after booking my break I'd packed my suitcase, boarded the plane, and was gradually sailing away from the damp, groggy atmosphere into a toasty, humid one - the best feeling ever! 

Every morning I glided through the sun-heated sea then sizzled under the sun before enjoying lunch on the rocks. I tried to do something adventurous in the afternoons, starting with a tour around Rhodes on the Saturday. A trip through the Greek ruins on Sunday, a boat trip on Monday, exploring the amphitheatre on Tuesday and hunting through the Markets on Wednesday. 

Lindos beach
Best run ever


Ruins :)

Frozen yogurt
Greek Ruins

I hardly had any reminders of reality for a few days. OH MY GOSH it felt like I had entered  paradise haha! Although I missed humanity it was nice to just escape, bury my head in a good book and hide under some sunglasses!  

View from the sky



Ice cream!

Last morning

Mr. Donkey
Salmon.. mmmm

Couldn't decide what was better, the chocolate cheesecake or my view!

The morning of leaving!

The experience was unforgettable and I will treasure my time there forever.


  1. Wish I'd been there with you! You are one gorgeous girl! the pic with the Tsai bottle looks soo hot! Iwrote a poem about you on facebook "Day Dreamer" :) x

  2. pardon my french, but you are perfect!

  3. sexy beeee atch in the bikini lol