Sunday, 15 September 2013

Summer 2013


I had the best summer ever, literally didn't have a single day to relax! There's never enough time to pack everything in normally but this year it was chock-a-block and I'm not complaining! 

I could go on about my whole summer but instead I'm going to pick a few of my favourite things I did, firstly to save you from getting bored of me and secondly because there are somethings one should keep to ones self. 

Lets start with..


Now as every designer, model, blogger or anyone with an interest in fashion knows, LCM stands for London Collections: men, which is fashion week for men. 

Clothes clothes clothes

What to wear was my biggest problem! With mens style becoming as popular as womens nowadays, the coverage was immense, everyone was excited to see the new collections.
Having bumped into numerous friends, everyone began to take their seats as the lights went down. 

The music began, the models set off and cameras were flashing. 

The shows were brilliant, the designers had worked incredibly hard to let their talents flourish and the atmosphere was buzzing! 

I do not own this photo either
I do not own this photo - unfortunately

This is from 'Pineal Dawn' Menswear collection is the name of Alex Mattsson's new SS14 collection. The collection's theme was camo teamed with military which one probably wouldn't think would work in the fashion industry, however be prepared to be proved wrong. Here are some of my favourite looks. 

Brooke Candy performing at the Red Bull after party

Filming Hollyoaks Later..

8 hours sleep a night is what the doctors recommend right? Maybe this goes out the window when you have 5 lots of 100 page scripts to read, learn, rehearse, voice over, film, and edit in four weeks. Safe to say the best month of my entire life, who knew living off Red Bull and having 4 hours sleep a night could be so fun?

Promo shots
The Laters in a Nutshell (Holly's story).. 

Holly and her boyfriend Callum go away to a country house for their friends 18th, Callum and Holly fall out, he cheats on her at the party, she almost gets raped by Wes. Holly tells Callum about Wes but he doesn't believe her, Wes comes after Holly but is killed by Callum when he catches Wes with a gun to Holly's head. Callum hides Holly in the basement while he goes to save the others from Crazy Jade. Holly is waiting for too long so goes to find Callum but bumps into Crazy Jade who has come to kill Holly. Holly is tied up but saved by her friends who tell her Callum has already been murdered by Jade.

Everyone loves a happy ending 'eh! Poor Holly.

Wes finding Holly in the woods

Wes manipulates the girls into drinking his beers

The gang watching the final product on tv! 

Myself and Lucy at the Afterparty

Those episodes happened to be my final ones I filmed with Lime Pictures, my showreel can be seen here. Thanks again to everyone at Hollyoaks and the Laters team.

A Good Old party anyone?

Have you guys ever been to the Natural History Museum? Yep, the place Mum and Dad insisted on taking you to when you were younger, where you're forced to read all the information slabs about how this fossil evolved differently to the one next to it.. Good.. Now have you ever watched Night at The Museum? The film with Ben Stiller where he's a security guard at the museum and it comes alive at night? Well I think it's safe to say that the Natural History Museum came to life. The Kardashians held an event there to celebrate Khloe's new Range. 

The catwalk was down the main escalator at the front of the museum, the drinks were all tailored to fit in with the theme and Khloe looked pretty hot I must say.

It was so surreal but awesome.

Black lace dress by Lipsy

Rian Donal (@rjdonal), myself and Ashely James(@ashlyeljames)

I also attended loads of charity events with my friends, including raising money for the Philippines, cancer research, and many more. These events all deserve a mention too, so thank you for everyone making these wonderful things happen this summer. 

Have a wonderful rest of the year kids.

W x