Monday, 26 December 2011

Filming the Adidas commercial

I've just had my GCSE results through, I got 8 A*'s and A's and 2 B's.

And I've now left my family in Cheltenham to come home to London and do what I've always dreamed of, work as an actress! I'm living in Tottenham with 3 girls at Uni and I'm working in a clothes shop to pay my rent, they're really good because they let me have time off to go to my auditions!

Speaking of auditions I have a recall for a part of EastEnders coming up this Friday, they're down to 5 people so far so fingers crossed! However I have bagged my second television Advert!

We've just finished filming an Adidas commercial in Hackney Marshes, I'm shattered as I've been working all day, I had to stay up till midnight last night because they had to wait till last minute to tell us the location of the shoot, it's top secret because David Beckham's filming! Some how the press still found out though and the newspapers had Helicopters hovering above the marshes!

My job was to ride on the back of a motorbike standing up waving an Adidas top around, it was sooooo much fun! I started off having my hair and make up done, then a girl called Stephanie Skeet (who's with the same acting agent as I am) and I grabbed "on set" breakfast together and ate in our dressing rooms till I was called.

As I stepped out onto the fields I began walking towards the other side where I saw the cameras set up when.. "Wallis!" I turned round to find that actually actors don't WALK to set, we ride in film buggies! I couldn't help the fact that my eye brows raised almost as high as the copters and my jaw dropped 6 feet under. What? Really? I get a driver in a buggy take me 20 meters across a patch of grass? OKAY! I could get used to this I giggled to myself as we zoomed over the bumps towards the crew!

I was introduced to the stunt man who was a lovely gentleman, telling me how proud he was of his son who had got a part in the bit series Merlin. He taught me how to stand up on the bike as he rode it, then when I was confident enough doing that, he taught me how to take both hands off his shoulders and instead use my thighs to balance me for dear life! I'm an adrenaline junkie so this was so fun, I felt like we were in an action movie trying to get away from robbing a bank or something! Sounds silly now but my imagination is very vivid!

Keep your eyes peeled on the tv anyway! I will post the link to the advert when it's aired in April!

W x

April Update - here's the link!

Adidas Olympic Advert - "Take the stage"

P P P - Peacocks

So earlier this month I did a shoot for Peacocks! The casting was in Wales at their actual Headquarters! I felt super VIP walking in there!

As I strolled through the corridors I couldn't help but peer into the rooms, each floor had a different purpose, I witnessed a team in a meeting all suited and booted having a serious debate, another room was full of designers with drawings plastered over the walls, the lights and colours caught my eye as I stopped and stared in for a moment.

"You okay there?" Startled I stuttered and made some kind of noise, security walked over and took a look at my badge. I stood there in silence waiting for approval.

After being directed the right way I walked into a bright, airy room and was greeted by some arty looking people, and a cool photographer. Hair and make up completed, I slipped I to the first outfit and the photoshoot began. Here's the results..

W x

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Snap snap snap!

Guess what! I've been working really hard this year and bagged my first lot of magazine shoots, including 'Shout' and 'Sugar' I've been so excited for these to come out, here are some of the snaps from random magazines, from editorial fashion, to commercial beauty shots. 

My double life..

I'm going to start blogging because I love writing and for anyone who is interested I'm going to open up a little about my life.

I hope my cringey moments make you laugh and any success makes you smile.

So welcome, to a part of my strange but wonderful life and thank you to all the people involved I making it all happen.

- not all photos I post may belong to myself -

However, these ones do, so let's start with these!

my name's Wallis Day, I'm 15 years old and sort of lead 2 lives..

Let me explain! Here's a couple of photos when I was young just so I have somewhere to start; I had cool hair, I have always been close to my younger brother Henry and I absolutely adore acting.

I'm in year 11 at an all girls school (I don't know how I do it either). Well in fact I don't do it.. I get bored at school because the work is easy and I'd rather be somewhere else, doing something else.

Because of that, I often get into trouble and find most of my lunchtimes in detention with sticky rubber gloves suffocating my hands.

Before you start feeling sorry for me and call me Cinderella perhaps I should explain that it's completely self inflicted and I'm super naughty.

Let me elaborate..

I like messing about and doing dangerous things without thinking..

I pull pranks on teachers like getting the whole class to pretend they're asleep..

I'm cheeky to the teachers..

I fall asleep dreaming about getting out of school..

I rarely wear the correct uniform and somehow get away with it..

I mess around with the class stationary..

I attach rape alarms to helium balloons and set them off during exams so no one can get them down and stop the alarms..

I pull the most attractive faces I can to distract the class from doing the set work..

I get the year to help with big pranks (we've got a super cool year)..

So the "something else I'd rather being doing" that I've spoken about, the thing that distracts me from doing any school work, the thing I fall asleep in lessons thinking about, is acting. I want to be an actress, I'd rather be in a drama school them an academic one but my parents have told me I need qualifications. So I just have to look forward to the school plays and the acting I get to do outside of school, I go part time to a stage school called Sylvia Young Theatre School, and an academy called PQA. THEY ARE MY LIFE!

Here's myself as Glinda from the musical wicked!

Wicked is my favourite musical, I haven't seen it at the Victoria Apollo yet but I will one day!

Here are a couple of shots in me in rehearsals for a different play!

And this is one of me at SYTS with lovely little Imogen..

I dream of one day being able to act full time, I'd love to end up on stage like Dame Judi Dench to follow after a career in films. I just love everything about acting, it's so interesting, having the outline of the character and being able to colour it in, being able to build the foundations, being someone else, having a different life, the exhilaration of being onstage, telling a story, taking someone out of their lives for a short amount of time and bringing them into a life of someone else. Anyway I've gotten carried away! Back to reality, I'm from London but have spent the last couple of years in Cheltenham.. I want to runaway back to London though, be near my family and friends and audition everyday and be on stage.

I love my friends dearly and I'm obsessed with sports! Here are a few unnecessary snaps because I'm sure you already get the picture, but just in case..

Let's start with a cute one from the first month we moved to Cheltenham..

Horse riding through the countryside with my best friends Alex (@Alexdeeeex) and Ellie..

We do loads of sports in school , swimming, hockey, running, tennis, netball - I love them all

On the weekends we go into town as a group which helps waste "homework" time..

I let my friends dye my hair all the time because it's funny..

Oh yeah and referring to the "2 lives" I claimed I lead at the beginning.. Well that's my second life.

This blog's about my first..

I have an acting agent and I'm with Europe's leading modelling agency. Welcome to my life and enjoy my blog. W x