Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year

Ladies and Gentlemen, Happy two thousand and fourteen!

I used to look at 2014 being so far in the future, it's funny how quick things come around, I feel like life is going so fast right now so I'll discuss my new years resolutions with you, after we reflect on 2013..

Last year was the craziest year of my life. I made so many changes in my life and every single one has paid off, I normally make predictions at the start of every year and it's weird how different the outcome is, you can't predict the future, 90% of scenarios we imagine happening actually happen completely differently or don't happen at all. 

NYE 2012 round EJ's house

Just a quick post to briefly take a little look at some of the events that happened last year..

King George was born

- Joanna Lumley won the Life achievement accolade at the 18th National Television Awards
- Comic relief raised £75 million
- Margaret Thatcher Died
- Iron man 3 became the Highest grossing film of 2013 ($1,215,439,9944)
- Andy Murray won the Wimbledon Finals
- Lou Reed Died
- Tokyo, Japan are going to host 2020 Olympics
- "Who wants to be a millionaire" will end after 15 years as Chris Tarrant announces his exit.
- Robbie Williams' album became the 1000th album to reach number 1 on the UK charts
- Doctor Who celebrates its 50th anniversary
- Nelson Mandela Died at 95

Here's a cool contribution from Google..

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