Friday, 29 November 2013

Capital FM Rocks!

So we've all asked ourselves that question once in our lives, maybe some individuals more than others, but admit it or deny it we've all heard that sheepish little voice in our head ask.. 

What happened last night? 

Well, last night, Capital Rocks happened..

View from the top of the roundhouse

For those who are not aware, Capital Rocks is an annual music event that raises money for the charity 'Help a Capital Child'. This year Capital managed to raise over £500,000 which is astonishing, I for one was left speechless and truly humbled.
This year was my first time going, I bumped into loads of my friends and met a bunch of 'proper' cool people. Here's what I can tell you happened..

Bumped into the Lawson boys, Greg, Ashley and Lilah

Year of the selfieeeeee!
Selfieeeee of the year!

Little Mix take the stage

Ashley trying to spot Niall..

So apparently we look like twins, should I be so honoured

Little Mix owned the stage with their latest track 'Move' followed by JLS who got us all up off our tables dancing like crazy! Now can we just take a minute to imagine, 100 people of all ages, fuelled with wine, dancing to JLS. It was hilarious and definitely put everyone in the right mood for..

J-J-J-Jessie J


I'm sorry to say but the rest of the night will remain unwritten, 

W x

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