Thursday, 31 January 2013

Cheltenham Races


One of the perks to having parents that have moved out to Cheltenham is that I get to go to the races! 
Which includes, dressing up, acting posh, drinking champagne, oh and of course watching the actual races - which I got really competitive over! 🐎

The horses have crazy names which are quite funny, like "Big buck" and "Bobs Worth" and one was called "FatCatInTheHat" which was funny when the crowd were cheering it on hehe! 
There was also an article about how rude it's name was in The Sun..

Anyway, even though we won loads of money, then lost every penny we still had a wonderful day, and far from delicious pork baps on the way out ha..

Can't wait for next year :)

Our view from the stadium :)

Nothing like a good old pork BAP! 🍢🍗

W x

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