Sunday, 10 February 2013


I never got round to posting this at the time so I'm going to post it now!

NTA's were so surreal: the lights, the cameras, the glamour, the national revelation awards had it all..

Cruising through the picturesque countryside my mind was reeling with ideas on what tonight could hold. The cast and I had just left Liverpool Lime street and the excitement in the air streamed through my blood as we arrived at London Euston. Paparazzi were scattered in the cracks and corners so we were quickly ushered into black cars round the back.

After a short, yet hectic journey, we somehow had time for a massage and an acupuncture session which helped us relax and prepare for the night ahead. Hair and make up calls followed, which were done by a fantastic team using VO5 products - of which I got special treats!

As I raced upstairs to throw my dress on (this by the way was the first time I'd ever tried the dress on) the problems began to surface.. My heels were a different height than originally planned resulting in the dress appearing too short and my backless bra wasn't so backless meaning I had to go commando!

After wriggling into the dress and my designer doing last minute tweaks the whole car journey, seconds before stepping onto the red carpet I was ready! The door was opened my side and my legs turned to jelly, I sat there staring into the cameras, lightning bolts burning into my eyes. Momentarily paralysed I came round when my co-star grabbed my hand and jumped out the car dragging me out with her and throwing on her best smile. I watched her and the other members of the cast work their way down the red carpet, addressing fans and getting snapped up by the paparazzi in the moment.

The rest was a blur, I kind of went autopilot as I strode down the red carpet, talking into microphones and posing for the press and engaging in conversation.

The award ceremony was one of the best experiences of my life, the energy and enthusiasm were second to none. Everyone was excited to be there and the hum in the O2 arena evolved into to cheers as everybody applauded each other. Achievements were congratulated and people were appreciated. It seemed like the whole country was in unison; from the O2 security to the American A-listers, it just clicked.

Afterwards everyone hit the bar and the private function rooms, the nibbles were served, the champagne was flowing and the conversation was rolling. I should probably give away no more details from that evening, but it is one that I shall treasure forever and never forget.

Danny and I messing about!

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