Monday, 26 December 2011

P P P - Peacocks

So earlier this month I did a shoot for Peacocks! The casting was in Wales at their actual Headquarters! I felt super VIP walking in there!

As I strolled through the corridors I couldn't help but peer into the rooms, each floor had a different purpose, I witnessed a team in a meeting all suited and booted having a serious debate, another room was full of designers with drawings plastered over the walls, the lights and colours caught my eye as I stopped and stared in for a moment.

"You okay there?" Startled I stuttered and made some kind of noise, security walked over and took a look at my badge. I stood there in silence waiting for approval.

After being directed the right way I walked into a bright, airy room and was greeted by some arty looking people, and a cool photographer. Hair and make up completed, I slipped I to the first outfit and the photoshoot began. Here's the results..

W x


  1. woah, I used to know her

  2. is your brother henry day

  3. yes she is henry days sister shes SO HOT LOL

  4. i wish i was you